Most Wichita homeowners are aware that indoor air pollution is an issue of growing concern, especially with the often high winds blowing dust and debris around neighborhoods. It can be especially irritating for those with allergies or respiratory problems, despite closed windows and overtime with the vacuum cleaner or mop. Caring for the ductwork in your home plays a vital part in overall indoor air quality.

Knowing when to schedule duct cleaning is not difficult, and is the best way to ensure your family’s comfort. Don’t wait until rising utility costs or possible equipment failures alert you to the problem.

Some general tips on when to have the ductwork in your home cleaned include:

  • Having a thorough inspection and cleaning done every three to five years by a professional contractor.
  • Immediately after building a new home.
  • After you move into a different home, unless a record of such service is provided by the former homeowner.
  • Immediately after completing any type of home remodeling project to ensure sawdust, metal shavings, dust or debris has been thoroughly removed.
  • If any family members have severe allergies or respiratory problems, you may want to create a tighter cleaning schedule..
  • If you have one or more pets that shed an obvious amount of fur on a regular basis. The hair and dander can become lodged in the home’s ducts, adding to allergy symptoms or slowing air flow.

Discuss your family’s needs, size and level of indoor activities with your HVAC contractor to set up the best duct cleaning schedule for your home.

What You Can Do

  • Use the highest efficiency air filter recommended for your heating and cooling system and change them regularly.
  • When having your system maintained or inspected, ask your HVAC technician to also clean the drain pans and cooling coils.
  • Seal off most vents or registers during any remodeling work.
  • Dust and vacuum your home on a regular basis.

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