If you own a house that has several rooms that need cooling, central air conditioning is a better choice than multiple room A/Cs. Not only is central air conditioning more efficient, but there are other reasons that make it a preferable choice:

• Central air conditioning system offers advanced features or auxiliary systems such as programmable thermostats that room air conditioners do not offer. The small box of a room air conditioner is not big enough for the sort of components required for advanced features.

• Room air conditioners do not a have a SEER rating, the main rating system used to judge the efficiency of central cooing systems. In addition, central air conditioning that meets certain minimum SEER standards may qualify for rebates, tax credits and other private and public incentives. This way, the cost of installing a central cooling system in your home will pay for itself that much sooner.

• An important aspect of cooling is removing humidity. A central unit will handle a much larger volume of air than room A/C, and thus remove more humidity, which results in better cooling.

• The modern purification systems that improve indoor air quality usually cannot be used with room A/Cs. People with COPD, asthma and allergies may suffer more if they use window units in their rooms. To remove various unwanted small particulates from your indoor air, advanced purification systems can be implemented with central air conditioning systems to protect the health of loved ones and pets.

• Room A/Cs make a buzz and start to shake when the compressors starts running. Homeowners now prefer the quiet and prompt cooling of central air conditioning.

Central A/Cs are modern, robust, durable and require less maintenance. When you’re ready to install a new air conditioner, choose the best location for the system’s indoor and outdoor components, the most advanced features you can afford, and the right model and size, as all of these factors affect the performance of the A/C while cooling.

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