You already know to ensure windows and doors have good seals, and that you have to get your air conditioner (A/C) inspected, too. But there’s one more thing that can help you make your home a lot more comfortable, and that’s changing your ceiling fan direction.

Ceiling fans rotate both ways. If the blades rotate in a clockwise direction, they’ll help make the room warmer, but if they rotate counter-clockwise, you’ll feel cooler. Turn on your fan and stand under it, looking up at the rotating blades. If you see them turning clockwise, you’ll have to flip a switch to change the rotation. If the blades are already turning counter-clockwise, you’re set for summer, but you’ll need to switch the rotation to clockwise before cool weather sets in later in the year.

To switch ceiling fan direction, turn off the fan. Ensure the blades have stopped turning completely before getting onto a stepstool and looking at the center of the fan, which has a tiny switch. Move it, and test the fan again once you’ve gotten out of its way.

Proper rotation means you can cool down the room by a few degrees with the fan alone. You don’t have to turn on the A/C. You save energy that way and get nice breezes. Add open windows, and your home can feel really nice.

Even on hotter days when you have to use the A/C, the fan should still be on and turning counter-clockwise. This will help distribute cool air throughout the room. The fan inside the A/C unit can push air in only one direction. A ceiling fan can send that air into all corners of the room. The result is that you don’t have to run the A/C quite as much as you would without the fan.

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