If you use a boiler in your Kansas home, it is an integral system, providing heat or hot water when you need it. Once this unit stops performing at its normal level (or stops working altogether), you should know what steps to take to get things back to normal.  In addition, you should also know when to call a licensed pro to rectify your boiler problems or when to start thinking about replacing the boiler altogether.

When dealing with a non-functioning (or under-performing) boiler, here are some quick, simple steps to take in order to get the unit working again:

  • Go to the boiler and feel it to see if the motor is running and the unit is warm (or hot) and also check the temperature/pressure gauge on the unit.
  • Confirm that the pilot light is still on and hasn’t been extinguished.
  • Check the water pressure – if it’s low, it’s likely the boiler is half-full.
  • Any sort of damage or leaks on or around the unit.
  • Check the thermostats. Confirm the unit is on in the “heat” mode. Raise the temperature to see if that makes the unit power on.
  • Confirm the fuse or circuit breaker that controls the boiler isn’t blown or tripped.
  • Flush the boiler to free the unit of any mineral (or other) deposits in the system.

If none of these DIY troubleshooting steps resolve the boiler problems, then it’s time to call in a pro. A licensed, bonded and reputable HVAC professional will be able to resolve the problem and get your heat and/or hot water situation back to normal.

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