Boilers that have been idle all summer require boiler maintenance as the seasons change. A number of problems may occur at seasonal start-up that can be better handled as preventive issues now rather than major repairs later (on an expensive emergency basis). It’s also easier to schedule a call with your HVAC professional at this time of year when his schedule is lighter. Studies show that boilers that receive annual maintenance operate more efficiently and save money on utilities. In addition, if your boiler is still under warranty, annual preventive boiler maintenance by a certified professional may be required to keep the warranty in effect.

Here are some of the areas a technician will check out:

  1. The combustion chamber where heating takes place — known as the boiler’s “fireside” — is usually first on the list. Burners will be removed and cleaned to remove residue that affects proper combustion and wastes energy.
  2. After the system is started, the boiler’s internal pressure will be checked and compared to the manufacturer’s specifications. Typically, in a residential boiler the pressure should range between 12 and 15 points. The sight glass on the boiler expansion tank also will be visually inspected for the proper water level. The tank level should be half full at all time; less or more may indicate a leak.
  3. Pressure relief valves serve to automatically release internal pressure in the boiler if it ever gets too high. It’s an important safety device and usually has a tag that indicates the pressure at which the valve should open — usually 30 pounds in most residential units. The technician will manually verify operation of the valve and lubricate it.
  4. The boiler thermostat and other controls will be verified and calibrated if required.
  5. Finally, the HVAC technician will verify that the venting to the roof is not obstructed and use a detector to check for levels of carbon monoxide gas around the boiler.

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