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Avoiding The Problem Of Moisture Damage When Your A/C’s Running All The Time

These hot summer months can challenge your air conditioner’s ability to satisfy your indoor temperature demands. Record temperatures, heat waves and a blanket of humidity force you to keep the air conditioning running nonstop. Unfortunately, this also means potential moisture damage.

Working Toward Lighter Energy Bills? Lower Your Cooling Load

As summer in the Wichita area gets hotter, your cooling system has to work harder, which means your energy bills will rise along with the temperature. To get lower energy bills, lower your cooling load by taking some of the following steps:

Your Heat Pump’s Ailing? Try These Simple Remedies

If your heat pump is acting up, or it’s not cooling properly, try these simple remedies before calling an HVAC technician. It may save you the time and expense of a service call.

Your Air Conditioning’s Working OK, But Do You Know How It Does The Job?

You don’t have to be an air conditioning expert to enjoy the cold air that these appliances produce. However, it doesn’t hurt to be an educated consumer when it comes time to repair or replace your home air conditioning system.

Your Air Conditioner And Ceiling Fans: Together, They Work Better

Air conditioners in Kansas have a hard job, trying to combat our intense summer heat. Unfortunately, they can also lead to some uncomfortably high summer electric bills. But you can take a load off your A/C – and put some money back in your wallet – by making good use of your ceiling fans.

Following The EnergyGuide Label To Greater Savings

Very rarely do you make a major purchase without doing your homework. That’s because most major purchases, whether it’s a house, a car or a new HVAC system, have associated costs long after the initial purchase. Fortunately, when you’re buying HVAC equipment, the EnergyGuide label can answer most of your pre-purchase budget-related questions.

An Air Conditioner Safety Cap: For Your Peace Of Mind

If you aren’t familiar with why your air conditioner might need a safety cap, you’re not alone. An alarming practice has started among teenagers that involves inhaling the refrigerant from air conditioning systems. This is exceptionally dangerous, and it can be fatal or leave the abuser with long-term health problems. If your yard isn’t fenced…

Carbon Monoxide Detectors Offer Year-Round Protection

It has no color, odor or taste and cannot be detected by human senses. The early symptoms of exposure to it may resemble a simple case of the flu. Yet, more than 500 Americans die from accidental carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning every year, many in their sleep. Carbon monoxide detectors could prevent these deaths as…

Can You Benefit From Geothermal Heating And Cooling?

Until relatively recently, an unlimited free energy source to heat and cool your home went unexploited. Today, all that’s changed. Residential geothermal heating and cooling is now the most efficient, fastest-growing green energy source in the U.S. Just a few feet below your feet, the temperature of the earth never deviates much from an average…

Air Conditioner Installation Checklist For Getting The Job Done Right

The performance specs and energy-efficiency ratings of your new air conditioner all rely on one critical factor: competent professional installation. Central air conditioner installation involves complex calculations to correctly match the right system to your needs, as well as specialized technical and mechanical skills to ensure that the hardware is properly integrated into your home.…