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Avoid Disaster With A Back-Up Water-Powered Sump Pump

If your Wichita area home has a basement, you likely have a sump pump. If you do, your home needs the backup protection of a water-powered sump pump. There’s a substantial likelihood of a flooded basement during the sudden inundation of a rainstorm, or gradual water seepage if you’re in a location with a high…

Using Your Garbage Disposal Correctly Prevents Plumbing Problems

Garbage disposals are an immense kitchen convenience that greatly reduce waste, improve household hygiene and even help the environment. Food that goes in the dry garbage ends up in landfills and is a major contributor to the methane that often simply gets vented into the air. Food ground up in a garbage disposal goes to…

Make That Annual Service Call Now For Peace Of Mind Later

The time for an annual service call is now. The peace of mind part comes later. When you’re starting up your heating system for the season after a long summer off, it’s not unusual to encounter certain problems related to the long cooling season layoff. Other failures are more common later in the season, when…

Let Electronic Air Cleaners Trap The Polluting Particles In Your Home

Electronic air cleaners pick up where your standard furnace air filter leaves off. Mechanical filtration does a good job of removing larger inorganic components of household dust. Unfortunately, most of what you’re breathing in your home is smaller than dust. In addition, a lot of these smallest, invisible particulates are organic microorganisms such as mold…

Air Filter Efficiency: Get Better Results With Ratings You Can Actually Use

Air filter efficiency refers to how well the filter can trap and hold airborne particles and contaminants such as dust, pollen, pet dander, and even microorganisms as they travel with the air flowing through your HVAC system. Air filter efficiency is of prime importance to HVAC system function and indoor air quality. Keep the following…

Change Your Smoke Detector Batteries As The Seasons Change

Now that summer is nearly over, it’s time to consider some regular maintenance and preparation for the new season. One of the more important things to maintain consistently is your smoke detector. These devices are vital for the safety of yourself and your family. Since most of them are battery operated, they need fresh batteries…

Warning Signs Of Furnace Failure

As the heating season gets closer, it’s a good idea to give some thought to how well your furnace worked during the previous winter. Here are some of the warning signs of furnace failure that suggest your heating system is ready for retirement:

Fall Preventive Maintenance: Begin With Your Heating System

In preventive maintenance, the key word is “preventive.”  The goal is not merely to maintain; it’s to head off problems before they strike. It’s based on the assumption that most mechanical failures are better and less-expensively prevented than they are repaired after they happen. After a long season of inactivity, your furnace is facing another…

The Right Insulation Will Make A Huge Difference This Winter

One of the best ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency this winter is to increase the level of insulation. Not all insulation is the same, however, and different types are better suited for specific applications. Here’s a quick guide to choosing the right insulation for your home.

Ceiling Fans And Your Furnace: A Surprisingly Good Duo

It’s common to see ceiling fans used to improve home cooling in the summer. Surprisingly, ceiling fans are also useful as a supplement to your furnace in the winter. In combination with your heating system, a ceiling fan can keep your home warmer and more comfortable than your furnace by itself.