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A/C Operating Tips That Keep Wichita-Area Homeowners Cool

It’s the time of year when a few A/C operating tips may come in handy. Temperatures in Wichita exceed 90 degrees more than 60 days every summer, with relative humidity above 50 percent. Count on it: If your central air conditioner’s going to fade or fail altogether, that’s when it will happen. With the complexity…

Air Purification: Arguably The Best Option For Improving Indoor Air Quality

The more energy efficient your home is, the more it needs whole-house air purification. Airtight, well-insulated houses can accumulate airborne contaminants, irritating allergens and odors, continually recirculating them in your living spaces. The result? Today, home indoor air quality can be many times less healthy than outdoors. While you may reduce exposure to pollution and…

Heat Pump Maintenance Ensures Year Round Comfort And Energy Efficiency

Heat pumps function as both air conditioner and heater in most residential applications. Consolidating components of the HVAC system is a plus in most respects. However, it also means heat pumps don’t have seasonal downtime like a conventional furnace or air conditioner. Year-round operation in our Kansas climate increases component wear and tear, while the…

Don’t Get Burned By High Cooling Costs — Consider High-Efficiency Air Conditioning

If you’re thinking about upgrading your central air conditioner, two realities may help guide the decision-making process: (1) Cooling costs are high now. (2) Next year, they’ll be even higher. To stay ahead of the curve, every opportunity for efficiency gain should be considered. SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) ratings measure the cooling output of…

Geothermal Cooling And Heating — How It Works And Your Installation Options

Want to save money, save energy and save the environment? Then a geothermal cooling and heating system may be for you. 

Determining Your Home’s Solar Eligibility

If you have a solar panel system on your roof, you are essentially getting free energy from the sun. As solar panel systems have come down in price in recent years, more homeowners have started looking into the possibility of using solar energy to supply at least part of their energy needs. However, before you…

Knowing When To Repair Or Replace Your Air Conditioner

There’s a season for everything, including a time to repair or replace your air conditioner. You want to squeeze every BTU of cooling out of your original investment. Sooner or later, however, return on investment will meet diminishing returns and that outmoded unit will start costing more than it’s worth. The trick is knowing when…

A Smart Thermostat Takes Home Comfort Control To The Next Level

If you’ve been thinking about getting a programmable thermostat, or if you already have one but wish you could do more with it, here’s a bright idea: Buy a smart thermostat for the ultimate in home comfort control.

What SEER Means To Your Choice Of Air Conditioner

Determining the efficiency of a new air conditioner is as easy as looking for the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) number. These ratings are based on specific energy calculations done by approved testing agencies that verify the efficiency levels against standardized industry benchmarks. The SEER rating of an A/C is the cooling output in British Thermal Units…

Heat Pump Terms Every Home Owner Should Know — HSPF And SEER

Knowing the two most important heat pump terms can help you manage your electrical consumption and make informed choices when considering this appliance for heating and cooling. HSPF (heating season performance factor) and SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) indicate the energy efficiency of heat pumps.