CS Checklist 2“I bought a car, but never rotated the tires or checked any of the fluids and it ran perfectly for 20 years…” said no one ever. Cars need routine maintenance to keep them running at optimal performance levels and increase their longevity. The same holds true for your heating and air conditioning unit.

At Comfort Systems, we recommend having your HVAC unit serviced twice per year by one of our friendly and experienced maintenance technicians. This inspection entails more than just switching out the filter and blowing out the dust. In fact, we use a 50-point checklist to make sure every element of your system is analyzed. A few of the items are listed below.

Heating Maintenance Checklist

  • Check thermostat for proper operation
  • Check thermostat wiring connections
  • Inspect blower wheel vanes
  • Inspect coil for blockage or dirt build-up
  • Remove and clean pilot light
  • Remove and clean burners
  • Clean flame sensor
  • Check the gas pressure
  • Inspect for proper venting

Cooling Maintenance Checklist

  • Check all mountings for tightness and wear
  • Inspect drain pan connection for blockage
  • Check contacts for burned or pitted surfaces
  • Clean condenser coil
  • Clean compressor compartment
  • Inspect service valves for signs of leakage

Monitoring Your Data
The technician will also record a number of important readings including ambient air temperature, suction pressure, temperature rise and drop, etc. Over time, this collected data can provide important information regarding the overall performance of your unit.

What YOU Can Do
Between visits there are a number of things you can do to keep your home toasty in the winter and cool in the summer:
Change out the furnace filter
Close fireplace dampers when not in use
Make sure your home is properly insulated
Weatherstrip and caulk around doors and windows

FREE MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT! Are you in the market for a new heating and air conditioning unit? At Comfort Systems we include one year of service (that’s two visits) with the purchase of a new system. Visit our website for more details or to schedule an appointment.