An overflowing bathroom toilet is not a pretty sight and can send one into a panic. Fortunately, a few simple steps can help stop or fix an overflow or at least put you in a better position to contact a professional for assistance with the clog.

Identify the Problem

Toilets overflow for two main reasons: an influx of water from the pipes or a blockage. A toilet that overflows and does not stop releasing water is likely affected by a pipe that is not acting correctly. A toilet with an overflow that stops releasing water once the flushing process ends usually has a clog.

In Cases of Clogs

Remove Visible Clogs

If the bathroom toilet’s overflowing because it is clogged and you can see what has caused the toilet to overflow, you can remove it. However, do so only if you won’t cause damage to the bowl, tank, or other pieces of the toilet.

Plunge the Toilet

If you cannot see the clog, you may have to use a plunger to move the blockage down the toilet’s drain. To work, a plunger creates suction; the larger the plunger, the more suction it creates.  Seal the drain of the toilet bowl with the plunger and pump the plunger up and down.  This usually pushes the blockage down and out the toilet.

In Cases of Pipe Malfunctions

If your toilet is overflowing because of a malfunctioning pipe, it’s time to shut off the toilet’s water source. Although some toilets have automatic shut-offs that disable a toilet’s water flow if an overflow or leak occurs, most don’t. In the case of a toilet without an automatic switch-off, you can end the funneling of water to the toilet by turning the knob located behind the toilet, near the wall.

Usually, a malfunctioning plumbing pipe requires contacting a professional.

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