Are you planning a bathroom remodel for your Wichita-area home? The more detailed your plans, the smoother your remodel will go. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started:

  • If you’re planning to change the dimensions of your bathroom, determine exactly where the walls will be, and contact your building department to find out if your toilet and sink will have any minimum clearance requirements. Plan to give your toilet at least 30 inches of space. Your toilet, depending on its style, should be 18 to 24 inches from the wall.
  • Your plumbing lines should go in either before the walls go up or after, depending on the type of floor you have. If you have a wood subfloor, the walls should go up first. If you have a concrete floor, the drain lines should go in first. Keep in mind that some communities require that this work be done by a licensed plumber.
  • After the walls are up, you can put in the tub and shower. The fixtures should be centered between two wall studs. By centering them, you’ll avoid the problem of having to cut through the studs to install the faucets. Cover your tub to prevent scratches during the rest of the remodel. Finish installing the water lines.
  • Rough in heating and cooling ducts, along with your wiring. Insulate exterior walls. Insulate underneath the tub, as well, as this will help to keep your water warm.
  • Install cement board in the area where you plan to tile around the tub. The rest of your wall space should be covered with moisture-resistant drywall. Tile the tub and shower area, and install your flooring. When the grout is dry, put in the door and trim. Now you can paint. After the paint is dry, add the toilet and sink.

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