Homeowners considering solar power are bombarded with a slew of unfamiliar jargon, but knowing some of the basic solar terms can help make navigating the waters a little easier. Here are a few common terms and their meanings:

Absorber: material that readily absorbs photons (light particle that acts as an individual unit of energy) to produce charge carriers

Array: photovoltaic modules connected together to provide a single electrical output

Btu (British thermal unit): measures how much heat energy is needed to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit

Insolation: the measure of solar radiation energy received on a surface area in a given time

Monocrystalline solar panels: made from one large, single silicon crystal.

Net Metering: agreement between a solar system owner and a local utility company that allows the owner to buy and sell energy in the form of electric credits

Photovoltaic (PV): technology and research relating to the use of solar cells for energy

Photovoltaic system: uses solar cells to convert sunlight into electricity; consists of several components and may be one of a few types:

  • Grid Connected Systems are connected with the local electric utility grid.
  • Ground Mounted Systems are supported by a structure built close to the ground.
  • On/Off Grid Systems — a system that is interconnected with your local utility grid is an on-grid system, while one using battery storage is an off-grid or stand-alone system.
  • Roof Mounted Systems consist of solar panels mounted directly on the roof of a building.

Polycrystalline cell: made from processed liquid silicon that solidifies to form multiple silicon crystals

Tracking array: solar array that follows the path of the sun

Thin film: layer of semiconductor material deposited onto a plate of glass

Tilt angle: angle at which a solar array is tilted towards the sun

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