These hot summer months can challenge your air conditioner’s ability to satisfy your indoor temperature demands. Record temperatures, heat waves and a blanket of humidity force you to keep the air conditioning running nonstop. Unfortunately, this also means potential moisture damage.

An air conditioner creates an enormous amount of condensation. If your draining system is clogged or there’s nowhere for the water to go, water damage in the walls and floor can occur. Sometimes the damage is obvious and noticeable, but often it can occur in a hidden spot inside a wall or where the unit is blocked. Maintenance of the A/C is key, making sure the drainage system is clear and free of debris and the area around the appliance is open and easily accessible.

Another problem is mold, which can permanently damage your floors, walls and ceiling. A clean and dry ventilated area inside for your evaporator/air handler is a good step, but a visual inspection is key. When water builds up, especially over a prolonged period of time, mold can also become a secondary issue besides moisture damage.

An expert air conditioning specialist can maintain your unit, make sure it’s draining properly, repair or replace faulty parts, and help you get the most out of your air conditioner during the hot summer months.

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