American Standard HVAC SystmesWhen you are shopping for a new HVAC system, whether for residential or commercial use, American Standard has the equipment to meet your needs. A company with a long history — dating back to the 1880s, when it pioneered clean indoor heating as a leading manufacturer of steam radiators — American Standard has become a world standard in heating and air conditioning equipment.


American Standard offers air conditioning and heat pump systems to meet every price point, with a wide range of features, including single- and multi-staged cooling technology for maximum comfort and humidity control. We pride ourselves on efficiency, offering units rated at up to 22.00 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) — far above the minimums required by local code across the country. In July 2016 readers of a national product testing and research magazine rated American Standard’s air conditioners and heat pumps as the most reliable among leading manufacturers. Several of our units are known for their quiet operation, too — best in their categories compared to other famous brands.


Our line of furnaces run the gamut in size and efficiency, offering something for every residential and light commercial need. Many of our latest models offer remote monitoring and programming for the ultimate in energy savings, and all American Standard furnaces offer quiet, consistent heat throughout your home or workspace. A happy customer in Duluth said of the Freedom 90 model furnace, “The American Standard brand is one I’d buy again, and I have recommended it to friends. It has offered nearly flawless operation and saved me a significant amount of money over the last eight years.”


American Standard is proud to offer a line of geothermal environmental comfort systems that set a bold new baseline for efficiency, providing up to four times the heat for the same dollar in operational cost. These systems use the steady temperature of the Earth just a few feet below the surface to keep your house warmer in winter and cooler in summer, at a fraction of the price — and with the quietest operation of any type of HVAC system. You can even use this system to help generate the hot water you use in your sink, tub and appliances. The reviews are in and despite the higher inital installation cost, American Standard geothermal customers couldn’t be happier. A user in Florida raved, “I love it. I was worried at first because of the high cost to install up front … but it really paid off. I don’t have to feel guilty about using fossil fuels as much, and my power bill is next to nothing when it gets cold now.”


The most common form of HVAC system used in America today is the split type, with a heat pump or air conditioning compressor outside paired with an air handler, furnace, coil or combination of these inside. American Standard manufactures units to meet every HVAC challenge, both inside and outside the space to be climate controlled. We offer several systems in package form for maximum savings at the time your purchase your equipment, as well as ductless solutions for use in places where traditional ductwork cannot be installed or accessed. Your friendly area American Standard HVAC dealer will be delighted to inspect your property and help you decide which unit or units best fits your needs.


American Standard has authorized distributors, installers and customer service providers all over the United States, and all items we sell come with a limited factory warranty that can be extended by the consumer, and transferred to any future homeowners as well. Our robust HVAC parts network means your local service personnel get the parts they need right away, minimizing any potential downtime.

As you can see, American Standard has something to meet most any HVAC need, no matter the size of your house or your geographical location. Find out for yourself why after 130 years in business, American Standard still lives up to its name and more. To locate your nearest American Standard HVAC dealer, go to or contact Comfort Systems at 316-265-7831