Heating your home can become a large expense, especially if you have air leaks that let warm and cold air pass through your doors, windows and walls. Implementing a few air sealing tips can make your home more comfortable, and your heating bill more affordable.

Properly seal windows and doors

Doors and windows are the most common areas for air leaks. Apply caulk along door and window frames where cold air penetrates your home. For added protection, install weatherstripping to help seal the opening edges of windows and doors.

Check the attic trap door

Attic doorways can often be a major source of heat loss. Ensure you retain and reflect as much heat back into your home by weatherstripping the edges of the door. Apply insulation to the backside of the door using a strong adhesive for additional heat savings.

Fill holes on foundation walls

While basement walls below ground level don’t allow significant air leakage, the parts of your wall above ground can let cold air seep into your home. Check the perimeter of your basement and fill all holes, using caulk for smaller holes and spray foam for larger gaps.

Close up chimneys

Gaps in your chimney stack and open flues will allow heated air to escape your home and small amounts of cold air to seep in. Close air leaks with heat-resistant sealant and ensure that your flues are closed at all times when your chimney is not in use.

Insulate recessed lights

Recessed lights built into your ceiling usually have vents that lead directly into the attic. Create a better heat barrier between your ceiling and attic by applying insulation around the vents.

Seal plumbing, ducts and electrical conduits

Water, air and electricity all have to enter your home from somewhere. Each of these entry points are areas where cold air can get into your home. Check the perimeter of your home, inside and out, and seal all gaps along ductwork and lines running into your home.

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