The performance specs and energy-efficiency ratings of your new air conditioner all rely on one critical factor: competent professional installation. Central air conditioner installation involves complex calculations to correctly match the right system to your needs, as well as specialized technical and mechanical skills to ensure that the hardware is properly integrated into your home. Shortcuts in the installation phase can result in system efficiency losses of up to 30 percent. They can also shorten the service life of A/C components and may even void the warranty. Air conditioner installation is not a job for amateurs. Here’s what you should expect from a professional installer:

Correct sizing. No professional will install an air conditioner without first utilizing Manual J, the industry standard sizing software, to determine the exact cooling load in your home. Rough estimates and makeshift methods — such as deliberately over-sizing the system to cover for errors — cost you money, decrease your comfort level and result in shorter system life.

Duct sealing.  There’s no better example of false economy than connecting the advanced technology of an expensive, high-efficiency air conditioner to leaky, inadequate ductwork. A professional HVAC contractor will evaluate the condition of your ducts with pressure testing before installing a new A/C unit. He’ll take steps to repair marginal ducts and/or suggest options to improve ductwork layout for improved temperature distribution.

Correct refrigerant charge. The proper charge of refrigerant in a new system can only be assured after the installed system is test-run for a short period. A professional installer will double-check the refrigerant charge before concluding the installation procedure and add refrigerant where necessary.

Balanced airflow.
  Optimum cooling results from carefully balanced air pressure in the ducts and rooms. An HVAC contractor will verify that the supply ducts have a positive pressure, the return ducts are very slightly negative, and the living spaces are neutral throughout the home.

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