When residents of Wichita KS need to call upon an HVAC system provider for urgent servicing with their heating, air conditioning, or plumbing, they invariably turn to Comfort Systems. In business since 1996, Comfort Systems has established a fantastic reputation for going above and beyond. Where other HVAC system providers stop – we press forward.

Customers rely on us to resolve all their HVAC issues. With our 24/7 emergency service, customers know they can contact us any hour of the day, regardless of the problem. In the heat of summer, when humidity is at its worst, customers know we’ll be there in a heartbeat. In the dead of winter, when freezing temperatures make life more than challenging, we’re there.

Our reputation for excellent service is well-known and our highly-trained service technicians always maintain the highest levels of professionalism. We’re often asked when it’s time to upgrade an HVAC system. To answer that question, here are five critical signs it might be time to replace your home’s HVAC system.

2. Wild Fluctuations in Temperatures

When it should be cool, it’s too warm and when it should be warm, it’s far too cold. This problem is only exacerbated when you experience wild fluctuations from one room to the next. A common problem is having warm air coming out of your vents when running the AC. While this could be caused by minor issues with the unit’s compressor or evaporator, it may also point to some issues within your ductwork.

Ultimately, if all these things have been looked at or repaired – and you’ve had your ducts thoroughly cleaned – then it could point to needing your HVAC unit replaced.

2. Your HVAC System Runs Intermittently

Short cycling is when your HVAC system turns on and off on its own. Sometimes it will shut off and on in rapid succession. Other times it will run for a bit before shutting down. While common issues like dirty or clogged air filters, electric issues, faulty thermostats, and frozen evaporator coils are often to blame, it could just be that your HVAC needs replacement. This is especially the case if your HVAC system is about 15 years old – which happens to be the time when a new one is needed.

3. Your HVAC System Doesn’t Stop

Sometimes everything seems fine. Your house is just the right temperature. Then, you suddenly notice your HVAC system runs nonstop. In this case, the system could be working twice as hard to keep your house cool in the summer or warm in the winter. Either way, it could be at the end of its life, and you’ll definitely notice it when you get higher electricity bills.

4. Loud, Repetitive Banging Noises*

Whether it is strange noises emerging from your outside AC unit, or loud, repetitive banging noises emerging from your furnace, it most definitely points to a problem. In the worst of cases, the AC unit will let out loud grinding noises, as if gears or a fan are rubbing up against other metal components.

Whether it’s the compressor, dislodged components, the capacitor, or simply loose fan blades, loud noises from your AC unit need to be addressed. In terms of the furnace, loud noises could be caused by a faulty or cracked heat exchanger, a blown motor, a dislodged fan, or a broken blower wheel. Regardless of why, if you’ve had these things checked before – and the problems persist – then it’s likely time to change your HVAC system.

5. Strange Smells, Broken Thermostat or Rise in Humidity

Without your thermostat, you wouldn’t be able to control the heating and cooling of your home. A broken thermostat typically coincides with having some rooms colder or warmer than others. Any strange noxious smells like burning metal should be looked at immediately. Moldy or mildewy smells could point to issues with mold buildup within your walls or clogged air ducts.

A sudden and drastic rise in humidity during the warm summer months could point to a frozen evaporator coil, clogged/dirty filters, clogged air ducts, damaged or clogged drain lines, or even blocked vents. If these issues repeat themselves no matter how often you address them, then it’s most likely time to replace your entire system.

Comfort Systems: Your Wichita KS Residential HVAC Partner

At Comfort Systems, we’re proud of our long-standing customer relationships and their trust in us as their only resource for HVAC maintenance, repair, servicing, and installation. Our customer-first commitment has allowed us to thrive within the community for over 28 years.

As a full-service HVAC installer, we operate every day of the year and combine that service commitment with 24-hour emergency service.

If you think your HVAC unit needs to be replaced, and have questions about how we can help, contact us now.