You can find a ton of articles by searching Google for “The Best Thermostats”, but rarely will you find information about your thermostat options.  It’s important for you to understand the differences between types of thermostats and evaluate the pros and cons of each before deciding on a replacement.

Smart Thermostat Guide 2020Types of Thermostats

There are four basic types of thermostats that you will find in 2020. Non-programmable, programmable, Wi-Fi and now smart thermostats, which have become very popular in the last couple years.  There are two things you can expect when deciding about thermostat replacement.

  1. The more options the more expensive
  2. The more options usually means better energy efficiency


A non-programmable thermostat is ideal for those who are rarely away from home. It’s simple to manually adjust the temperature to your preference.

A non-programmable thermostat is very basic. Any time you want to change the temperature in your home, you’ll need to adjust the setting on the thermostat. You cannot pre-program the thermostat to change your home’s temperature while you’re away or sleeping. However, a quality non-programmable thermostat can achieve high energy efficiency by communicating with the heating system to maintain your temperature preference


With a programmable thermostat, you can pre-program it to adjust the temperature during the day or nighttime. Many programmable thermostats have daily and weekly settings. For example, if you’re away from home only on Mondays and Thursdays, you can pre-program the thermostat to keep your home at a more moderate temperature on those days. In doing so, the furnace doesn’t have to work so hard to heat the home. This decreases wear and tear on the unit. As a result, it reduces energy bills and repair costs.

A programmable thermostat is especially ideal for those living in climates with drastic temperature changes. As a Florida resident, you know in winter nights can get chilly and days can feel warm. A programmable thermostat allows you to set the temperature so you’re warm on chilly mornings and cool during the daytime. You get to do all of this without having to manually adjust the thermostat every morning and night.


Wi-Fi thermostats connect to a wireless network. You can access the network via your smartphone, computer or tablet. This allows you to remotely adjust the thermostat’s temperature. A Wi-Fi thermostat is also a programmable thermostat. It provides the ultimate convenience in that you can override a preprogrammed temperature setting if you get off work early. This type of thermostat is particularly ideal for those who want full control over a home’s temperature setting even when they’re away from the house.

Smart Thermostats

A smart thermostat easily integrates with various home automation tools and equipment. Over time, the thermostat learns your living habits and adjusts the temperature accordingly. It’ll learn when you arrive home each day. As it notices patterns, it stores the information to achieve maximum heating and cooling efficiency. Many smart thermostats come with voice control features and are compatible with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Smart thermostats are ideal for tech-savvy households that prefer optimal indoor comfort. Like a Wi-Fi thermostat, you can access a smart thermostat from any device with an internet connection that is compatible with the thermostat’s mobile app. A smart thermostat does come with a higher price tag than other types of thermostats. However, the money you save on heating and cooling expenses will easily cover your investment within one to two years. A smart thermostat can even alert you when it’s time to schedule HVAC maintenance.

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Thermostat Costs

Thermostat prices can vary in each category type but like we mentioned earlier, the more thermostat options, the more you can expect to pay when buying a new thermostat. Below you will see estimated ranges of pricing for new thermostats (does not include professional thermostat installation).

  • Non-Programmable Thermostats $25 – $30
  • Programmable Thermostats $75 – $100
  • Wi-Fi Thermostats $125 – $200
  • Smart Thermostats $200+

When making your decision, please read the thermostat reviews to see what buyers have said. In many cases you will notice that you “get what you pay for” when it comes to buying smart thermostats. There are cheap smart thermostats, but we would advise you to buy a reputable brand like Lennox iComfort Smart Thermostats. Comfort Systems is a Lennox dealer and has experience installing iComfort Thermostats. Contact us to set up an appointment to evaluate which Lennox iComfort thermostat is best for your home.

Thermostat Efficiency

Just because you have an expensive thermostat doesn’t mean it’s the most efficient. Some non-programmable thermostats can be just as efficient as smart thermostats. Studies have concluded that on average you can save an average of 12% on heating costs and 15% on air conditioning costs with smart thermostats.

The Lennox iComfort thermostats are ENERGY STAR qualified models and have been known to save homeowners up to 20% off their utility bills. Over the 15 – 20 year expected lifespan of the thermostat that adds up to a lot of energy savings and well worth the purchase price.

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