Here for you 365 days a year to take care of all your HVAC needs. From planned maintenance, to emergency repairs and upgrades for energy efficiency, Comfort Systems has you covered.

Comfort Systems has been providing air conditioning installation, service and repair to Wichita families since 1996. When your air conditioner needs service, repairs or replacement, count on Comfort Systems. 

Available 365 days a year for emergency back-ups, leaks and water damage, call Comfort Systems for scheduled maintenance or after-hours repairs.

Commercial builders and facility operators trust Comfort Systems. These jobs require specialized know-how and Comfort Systems has years of experience in commercial construction.



Here for you 365 days a year, Comfort Systems has everything you need to handle the heating, air conditioning and plumbing systems in your home or business. From planned maintenance to emergency repairs, count on Comfort Systems to keep you comfortable. Whether your existing system needs a tune-up, upgrade or complete overhaul, Comfort Systems has the experience and equipment necessary to provide the service you expect. 

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Call Comfort Systems for an appointment with up-front, no risk pricing. With expertise on all makes and models of equipment, you can count on Comfort Systems to keep you comfortable. Service technicians and master tradesmen are licensed and bonded, friendly and professional. Phones are answered 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. Financing available with approved credit.

HVAC Maintenance Program

To get the most out of your home maintenance budget, sign up for Comfort Systems’ planned maintenance and prevent unexpected outages. Call (316) 265-7831 or email us today. Ask about Energy Tax Credits on qualifying systems. Build a relationship with the HVAC and plumbing professionals at Comfort Systems.


    • Lower annual service expense
    • Complete inspection and service annually
    • Planned inspections help prevent costly emergency service charges
    • Longer equipment life through planned maintenance


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